Terms of the Listing Contract

"The Listing Contract legally defines your arrangement with the brokerage and in accordance with the Real Estate Rules it must contain:Terms of the Listing Contract

  • your name and the name of the brokerage that you have chosen to work with
  • the address of the property you are selling
  • the effective date of the agreement
  • the date the agreement expires
  • a general description of services to be provided by the brokerage
  • the remuneration to be paid under the agreement and the circumstances in which it will be payable
  • a provision respecting the use and disclosure of personal information.

In addition to the Listing Contract the licensee may ask for additional information to assist in the marketing of your home including:

  • the existing financial arrangements and whether this financing can be assumed by a new owner
  • a list of items attached to the building normally called fixtures which are not to be included in the sale for example a fireplace insert or a crystal chandelier and
  • the date on which you can give possession of the home to a new owner."

This excerpt was sourced from https://www.recbc.ca

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